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We have been preparing for almost nine years for the day when Casa Arbol would become a reality. We have been blessed to have found the right people, with the right heart, who are committed to building a place where kids can thrive and prosper in life. Here is what we have accomplished thus far:


  • Land

    The state of Guanajuato has donated a piece of land for our project in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city.

  • Architectural Plans

    We already have the blueprints and building design. We just need to raise the money to build it.

  • Budget

    Construction costs have been carefully calculated by our architect. Total cost of construction is $500,000.

  • Contractor

    We already have a contractor for our project. He is a member of our church, a man of integrity, and one that will allow us to use volunteers to complete the work alongside of his construction team.

  • Construction Permits

    Our blueprints and constructions plans have already been approved. We are ready to start building once we receive funds to begin the construction. We will continue to build as the money comes in.

  • Staff

    We already have a team committed and ready to staff Casa Arbol once our doors are open to receive children.

To make Casa Arbol a reality, we need:

  • Donations

    It is your donations that ultimately will build Casa Arbol. We can’t make this dream a reality without your financial support.

  • Volunteers

    We need people with a heart to serve. Whether it’s construction, or caring for our kids, your time, talent, and experience, is a tremendous way to invest in this project.

  • Spread the Word

    Help us tell others about Casa Arbol. Send the link to our page to your friends, family, and coworkers. Let them know how they can make a difference in the life of a child who has no hope without Casa Arbol.