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Sylvia Duncan

Sylvia came to Leon Guanajuato Mexico in May of 2010, with a dream of building a local church focused on strengthening families. She has served in ministry with her husband Jeff for more than 20 years. She is a pastor, women’s speaker, and a mom to 6 amazing kids. Casa Arbol is a labor of love for Sylvia that was born from serving in so many impoverished, violent, and neglected neighborhoods in Central Mexico. The plight of so many children, many without a family support system, broke her heart and spurred her to act. Casa Arbol is her dream in providing children who are broken, neglected, and abandoned, the opportunity to find a loving home that is fully invested in the care and success of each child in their care.

Anita Rojo

Anita Rojo


Anita is the director of Casa Arbol. She has a degree in Education. Anita and her husband founded a private school for kids from kindergarten to middle school. For more than 10 years, their faith-based program ministered to countless families. Anita currently serves as the children’s Pastor at Arbol de Vida Church in Leon. Her heart beats for the care and wellbeing of Mexico’s forgotten children. She is passionate about building not just a facility for abandoned and neglected kids, but a home, where they can find the love, support, warmth, and nurture every child needs in life. She considers Casa Arbol to be part of her life’s mission and calling.

Jeff Duncan

Jeff and his wife Sylvia are the senior pastors of Arbol de Vida Church in Leon Mexico. Jeff is a graduate of Rhema and Southwest Assemblies of God University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministries and Professional Development. He has served in ministry for more than 30 years. The son of a pastor, Jeff’s passion and calling for Mexico were rooted in his heart as a teenager. His mission is to strengthen families and marriages and help them grow from where they are, to where God wants them to be in life and in faith. With a heart to serve the community and those who are under-resourced, Jeff is committed to reaching the most vulnerable of Mexico’s forgotten people, the children. Casa Arbol is just one way that he believes he can make a difference in the lives of so many kids who are facing a hopeless and uncertain future.